Christine's Exclusive Tours


    We are a simplified travel planning service, specifically designed for travellers like YOU!


    We look beyond the horizon to anticipate change. We’re passionate about shaping the next generation of business and leisure travel.


    We’re creative, and we love solving problems in new ways. With a genuinely talented group of people, great products, open minds and clients with unique requests, we just can’t help ourselves.


    We like helping people – whether they’re colleagues, clients, or partners.


    We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say with warmth, humor, and a great deal of thought. (That’s why people enjoy working with us.)


    We’re natural partners with our clients, colleagues, and our community, and we’re at our best when working together to produce our best results.


    We aim to always exceed the financial goals and expectations of our clients, our colleagues, and our partners. We build our human resources by giving exciting opportunities to our own people by bringing on associates whose skills enhance and expand our already strong base.


    We will provide our expertise to ensure a stress-free travel planning experience for you and will ensure that all travel sources are priced before placing your deposit.

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    * This offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.